Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology is honoured with Awards

Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology wins National Icon Award, organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of The Netherlands

nationaliconThe Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has organized a search to find the most innovative companies of the Netherlands. They want to identify and appoint 3 so-called ‘National Icons’. The objective is to find companies that have a mission, vision, product or service that embodies a real innovative breakthrough; companies that illustrate the innovative power of the Netherlands to develop technological solutions for society’s issues.

With pride and gratitude, we inform you that Groasis – thanks to our hardworking team and great product – has been selected as one of the 3 ‘National Icon’ winners. For more information about winning the National Icon, click here. To read all the media publications Groasis regarding the National Icon, click here.

USAID grants 500,000 USD to Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology proposal

Michael Schuring Groasis JordanThe Rome-based Institute for University Cooperation (ICU) and Groasis’ distributor Desert Tulip in Jordan have won a grant of USD 500,000 to carry out further research with the Groasis Waterboxx® and Growboxx® plant cocoons. We are very grateful for this recognition of the opportunities the Groasis Technology creates. The Groasis Technology stimulates the tree to grow its roots over 3 meters (10 feet) deep in the first year. Trees thereby become self-sufficient and do not need irrigation, thus saving over 99% of water when compared to conventional planting methods. We congratulate Mr. Berardo da Schio and Ms. Barbara Cosentino from ICU and Mr. Mike Schuring from Desert Tulip and wish them a very successful planting of productive trees with rural families in Jordan. 

FP4BATIW prize 2016

FP4BATIWAWARDThe FP4BATIW Prize is a competition based on business ideas on water topics, like water management, water treatment or water saving. The competition is open to SMEs, individual, researchers and entrepreneurs from Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia. Michael Schuring, the reseller of Groasis in Jordan, has won the FP4BATIW prize! 

To see the presentation of the business idea of Michael, please click here. 

Tällberg Foundation – Global Leadership Prize 2015

Groasis is nominated for the Tallberg Foundation - Global Leadership Prize 2015Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology is nominated for the Tällberg Foundation Global Leadership Prize. On August 12th 2015, the jury of the Tällberg Foundation will decide who will receive the prizes this year.

The Tällberg Foundation Global Leadership Prize is annually assigned to two individuals or organizations which try to implement important, positive and social changes. The actions of these individuals or organizations must be in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For more information about the prize, click here.

Global Opportunity Report 2015

Logo Virgin UniteOn the 3th of June 2015, Groasis was told that they are number one in the Global Opportunity Report 2015 of Sir Richard Branson’s ‘Virgin Unite’. The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology is listed as the best method for water-efficient agriculture. 

‘Virgin Unite Foundation’ is the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group. Virgin Unite unites people with entrepreneurial ideas so they get a chance to create a better world. They believe that with entrepreneurial thinking, challenges can turn into opportunities! For more information about us and the other great inventions, please click here.

Best New Product for Gulf Market – Agriculture Award

agrameOn the 16th of March 2015, Groasis has won the ‘’Best New Product for Gulf Market – Agriculture’’ award of AgraMe. With the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology you can green the desert with 99% less water use.

Any company/individual working in or with substantial responsibilities in the agribusiness industry in the Middle East region could participate, so there were a lot of competitors! For the pictures and more specified information about us and the other great participants, please click here. 

NCD ''Change Award 2014''

Driebergen, december 15, 2014 - On friday, december 12, 2014, the NCD (Dutch Association of Commissioners and Directors) handed out the ''Change Award 2014'' during the Change in Business Event. Groasis was one of the three nominees and won this ''Award of the Awards'' with the Groasis Growboxx® plant cocoon. According to the jury and the participants of the event, Groasis is a real ''Changer'' which shows that doing business with conciosness and positivism can go hand in hand with entrepreneurship.

For more information, click here. 

Groasis Growboxx® plant cocoon wins important Accenture “Green Tulip Award” 2014

Logo Green Tulip AwardThe 14th of November 2014 Groasis has won the important “Green Tulip Award” with "The Treesolution" and the Groasis Growboxx® plant cocoon. The Jury consisted of a delegation of representatives of the 12 biggest corporates of Holland.

The Accenture Innovation Award is an annual competition. The most innovative products, services and concepts, that deliver exceptional performance in the field of innovation and sustainability, compete for the coveted Green Tulip.

Climate Colab Contest 2014

Logo Climate Colab Contest 2014Groasis participates with a proposal in the Climate Colab Contest. This is a contest of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from Boston. They search for a solution for the Climate Change Challenge. Pieter Hoff has proposed to use the Treesolution. Out of 500 proposals we have been chosen amongst the 14 semi-finalists.


Logo Sustainia 100 Award 2014SUSTAINIA100 is an annual guide to 100 innovative sustainability solutions from around the world. The guide identifies readily available projects, initiatives and technologies at the forefront of sustainable innovation. This year, Sustainia’s research team and advisory board screened a pool of +900 nominated solutions from which the final 100 solutions were selected. The Groasis Waterboxx® plant cocoon has been selected for its state-of-art-solution.

Read here everything about the 100 final solutions, including the Groasis Waterboxx® plant cocoon.

Environmental Excellence Award 2012Environmental Excellene Award 2012

The El Verano School in Sonoma California rewarded Pieter Hoff with the Environmental Excellence award for 'being a "Worldwide" Environmental Leader', because the children of the El Verano School realised that thesooner you learn the importance of water, the better.

Click here for the certificate 

Limburg Design Association Award 2011Limburg Design Association Award 2011

The Groasis Waterboxx® plant cocoon has won the Limburg Design Association Award. This is an initiative from the Province of Limburg, DSM, Chamber of Commerce, Syntens and OCE. Groasis is very happy that more jury’s understand the enormous significance of the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology. Many fantastic new inventions are introduced annually, but without food no invention has any value. The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology helps us solving the food problem and therefore we are very happy and grateful that jury’s recognize the value of it and honor us with their award.

Logo Popular SciencePopular Science Award 2010

The Groasis Waterboxx® plant cocoon is the 2010 Best of What's New Innovation of the Year.

In November 2010 Popular Science organized the 4th Annual election of the 'Best of what´s New' innovation. This competition found place between 117 fantastic products of Fortune 500 companies, including the iPad from Apple and the Ledlamp from Philips. The Groasis Waterboxx® plant cocoon won the Green Tech Award (category sustainable inventions) and also won the 'Best of all' award. 

Beta Dragons Science Award 2008 Flying DutchmanBèta Dragons Science Award 2008

In November 2008 the “Groasis” Waterboxx® plant cocoon was rewarded by the Bèta Dragons Platform in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The jury was very positive about the potential of the “Groasis” Waterboxx® plant cocoon as a solution for ecological - and poverty issues.


Short explanation of Groasis

With the Groasis Technology you use 1 liter water instead of 10, while planting dry areas

The Groasis Technology is extremely efficient with water, this way allowing to one to plant in areas where water is scarce or expensive. The Groasis Technology helps the planter save money with eco-restoration, while – if the plantation is for agroforestry - also allowing the planter to make more money

The Groasis Technology is no irrigation, it is a planting technology

The Groasis Technology (GT) is an integrated planting technology to plant in dry, eroded, desert and rocky areas. It is not a way of irrigation. When planting with the Groasis Technology, during the first year water savings are more than 90% when compared to any other planting method. From the second year onwards no water is added as irrigation is not needed, .

The Groasis Technology is a biomimicry technology and consists of:
1) improving the soil with compost and mycorrhizae
2) leaving the
capillary structure intact and makeing the correct planting hole with the Groasis Capillary drill
3) using plants with
the right primary roots which are not twisted, but extend vertically downwards
4) using the
Groasis Waterboxx 
5) using the
Growsafe Telescoprotexx plant protector against heat in the summer, from frost during the winter and from grazing by animals
6) if necessary, when planting on rocks, the use of the capillary drill.

While using the Groasis Technology the primary roots grow average half to one centimeter per day into the deep soil. After one year the roots are two to four meter deep. The plant has found water and is now independent and strong enough to grow on its own. The Groasis Technology is a copy of how Mother Nature solves the problem of planting plants in deserts, eroded areas, badlands and on rocks. With the use of the Groasis Technology you can plant wasteland with productive trees. You can use it to plant orchards or use it in your garden. It works everywhere and always.

The Groasis Technology is a copy if how Mother Nature plants. The survival rate is on average in excess of 90% no matter how difficult the circumstances are. Other planting methods limit planting to take place only in certain seasons. The Groasis Technology enables one to plant during 21 months per year, independent from the season and no matter the temperature. This allows a planter to plan and industrialize the planting process. If the Groasis multiple capillary drill is used, previously unimaginable big areas can be planted each day. 

The reason of the success of the Groasis Technology

In most locations ground water can be found at a depth of 3 or more meters. The problem for a plant in dry and eroded areas is that the first 3 meters of top soil, are dry. The air temperature is also high and frequently there are strong winds. After planting in these dry areas the plant often has not got enough time to extend put its roots deep enough to find the ground water. The plant subsequently dries out and dies. The Groasis Technology helps the plant to grow its roots 3 or more meters deep in the first year. Once the plant reaches this depth, it is able to grow independently and will not die anymore. After that year you can remove the Groasis Waterboxx and plant the next tree with it. This is an incredible cheap method to plant.

Pieter Hoff says: ‘if a tree once grew there he can grow there again’, and, ‘if the area of 2 billion hectares was small enough to cut, it is also small enough to replant’.

The Groasis Technology is inexpensive

Planting trees with drip irrigation is extremely expensive. Once you use drip irrigation you have eternal costs for energy and maintenance. You must replace your pumps and tubes every 5 years. Besides that water is scarce and we better use it as drinking water. The Groasis Technology uses no pumps, tubes or energy, and very little water. Only in the first year you have some low costs.  After one year you never have costs anymore. Mother Nature has always been able to grow without irrigation. With the use of the Groasis Technology you can again use that power to grow sound and healthy products, without irrigation.

Cost indication

Replanting through agroforestry with the Groasis Technology will cost approximately 3,500 US$ per hectare. This estimation is including organization, labour, the Groasis Waterboxx and planting material. With the Groasis Technology you can plant 12 months per year. This year round planting is an important factor. It allows planting schemes on a very efficient way.

Good Return on Investment

You can use the Groasis Technology to plant orchards, plant productive forest, for ecosystem recovery or anywhere where planting without irrigation is impossible, or too expensive.  Upgrade the value of wasteland through our inexpensive money and water saving technology and create capital growth on a sustainable basis.





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