This document demonstrates the advantages of using the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology to plant trees and/or vegetables.

Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology is the only technology that offers a combined planting of a productive tree with 4 vegetables, or a native tree with 4 bushes / wildflowers while saving water

  • The production of vegetables in combination with the productive tree, helps the planter to create revenues to pay for the box, and produce food to eat; the productive tree is a positive ‘left over’;
  • The planting of one native tree with 4 bushes / wildflowers reduces the costs of ecosystem restoration drastically. Normally with ecosystem restoration around 1.100 trees are planted per hectare, of which in general some 20% survives. That is 220 trees struggling to survive. If the planter plants 250 Growboxx® plant cocoons with each one tree and 4 bushes / wildflowers, he will have 90% survival. It means that he has 225 native trees growing fast. He will also have 900 bushes / wildflowers. In total he has 1.125 pioneer plants that can colonize the area quickly. The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology offers a much higher number of surviving trees, bushes and wildflowers, in combination with drastically reduced costs compared to the traditional method.

Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology allows year-round planting of any plant, in any location, in any climate, with 90 to 95% survival rates and on average 30% faster growth

  • Over 90 to 95% survival rate, anywhere; in any climate;
  • For any tree, any vegetable, any plant; up to 30% faster growth on average;
  • Plants on any soil; also on rocks; even above the tree line;
  • Year round planting; no matter how hot; or how cold;
  • Year round planting means an equal labour flow necessity during the whole year;
  • An optimal use of nursery, because there is no peak period planting;

Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology uses significantly less water than drip irrigation, saving up to 99% for trees, and up to 75% for vegetables, thereby using valuable ground water resources more sustainably

  • Over 99% less water use with trees;
  • Over 75% less water use with vegetables;
  • If used before rainy season: self-filling with water; zero water use;
  • No pumps, no electricity use; no scarce groundwater use;

Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology is a cost efficient way (saving on expensive drip irrigation systems, water and fertilizers) to turn wasteland into productive land

  • Inexpensive; affordable;  less than 2 USD per tree;
  • No expensive energy plants to invest in;  no electricity grid infrastructure needed;
  • No water transport pipes and drip irrigation tubes infrastructure needed;
  • In general new solutions are more expensive than the traditional method. The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology offers the rare combination of lower costs and more sustainable.
  • Value rise of land that is currently worthless, creates the collateral to finance projects;
  • Organic Growmaxx mycorrhizae helps to replace expensive fertilizer;

Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology applications are endless; from large government reforestation projects and private programs, to small rural farms in developing countries and consumer vegetable gardens

  • Planting can be industrialized; big scale planting becomes viable;
  • For (big) professional project use; financed by user, bank or investor;
  • For rural family use: planting productive trees in combination with vegetables;
  • Vegetables as a cash crop make financing by NGO’s or governmental agricultural programs possible;
  • For consumer use: dry gardening or home production of organic food;
  • Easy to implement in micro-credit services; high revenues for financers;
  • Low cost big scale ecosystem restoration possible in combination with pioneer trees;
  • Cities can recover their canopy on a street or suburban level; also for parks;
  • Easy to use on inclined slopes, viaducts or to prevent avalanches in ski areas;
  • Big scale fixing of sandy areas to prevent damage from sandstorms;
  • This micro-protection makes tree planting on community owned land possible;
  • Groasis Telescoprotexx allows planting in combination with grazing animals;


  • You can use the 10 times reusable Groasis Waterboxx® plant cocoon made of polypropylene
  • You can use the disposable biodegradable Groasis Growboxx® plant cocoon made of paper pulp
  •  Simple to use; no extra education needed for users;
  • The Groasis capillary drill helps making uniform planting holes at high speed;
  • Easy App for free downloading of photo gallery planting manual in 10 languages; 

Successful Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology

Since 2010, we are planting Waterboxxes with very good results and since 2012 we plant the disposable Growboxxes, all over the world. In this Dropbox link you can find 44 scientific studies, demonstrating that the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology is able to plant productive trees on degraded areas without the use of irrigation. The water saving capacity of the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology compared to drip irrigation is over 99%.

Short explanation of Groasis

With the Groasis Technology you use 1 liter water instead of 10, while planting dry areas

The Groasis Technology is extremely efficient with water, this way allowing to one to plant in areas where water is scarce or expensive. The Groasis Technology helps the planter save money with eco-restoration, while – if the plantation is for agroforestry - also allowing the planter to make more money

The Groasis Technology is no irrigation, it is a planting technology

The Groasis Technology (GT) is an integrated planting technology to plant in dry, eroded, desert and rocky areas. It is not a way of irrigation. When planting with the Groasis Technology, during the first year water savings are more than 90% when compared to any other planting method. From the second year onwards no water is added as irrigation is not needed, .

The Groasis Technology is a biomimicry technology and consists of:
1) improving the soil with compost and mycorrhizae
2) leaving the
capillary structure intact and makeing the correct planting hole with the Groasis Capillary drill
3) using plants with
the right primary roots which are not twisted, but extend vertically downwards
4) using the
Groasis Waterboxx 
5) using the
Growsafe Telescoprotexx plant protector against heat in the summer, from frost during the winter and from grazing by animals
6) if necessary, when planting on rocks, the use of the capillary drill.

While using the Groasis Technology the primary roots grow average half to one centimeter per day into the deep soil. After one year the roots are two to four meter deep. The plant has found water and is now independent and strong enough to grow on its own. The Groasis Technology is a copy of how Mother Nature solves the problem of planting plants in deserts, eroded areas, badlands and on rocks. With the use of the Groasis Technology you can plant wasteland with productive trees. You can use it to plant orchards or use it in your garden. It works everywhere and always.

The Groasis Technology is a copy if how Mother Nature plants. The survival rate is on average in excess of 90% no matter how difficult the circumstances are. Other planting methods limit planting to take place only in certain seasons. The Groasis Technology enables one to plant during 21 months per year, independent from the season and no matter the temperature. This allows a planter to plan and industrialize the planting process. If the Groasis multiple capillary drill is used, previously unimaginable big areas can be planted each day. 

The reason of the success of the Groasis Technology

In most locations ground water can be found at a depth of 3 or more meters. The problem for a plant in dry and eroded areas is that the first 3 meters of top soil, are dry. The air temperature is also high and frequently there are strong winds. After planting in these dry areas the plant often has not got enough time to extend put its roots deep enough to find the ground water. The plant subsequently dries out and dies. The Groasis Technology helps the plant to grow its roots 3 or more meters deep in the first year. Once the plant reaches this depth, it is able to grow independently and will not die anymore. After that year you can remove the Groasis Waterboxx and plant the next tree with it. This is an incredible cheap method to plant.

Pieter Hoff says: ‘if a tree once grew there he can grow there again’, and, ‘if the area of 2 billion hectares was small enough to cut, it is also small enough to replant’.

The Groasis Technology is inexpensive

Planting trees with drip irrigation is extremely expensive. Once you use drip irrigation you have eternal costs for energy and maintenance. You must replace your pumps and tubes every 5 years. Besides that water is scarce and we better use it as drinking water. The Groasis Technology uses no pumps, tubes or energy, and very little water. Only in the first year you have some low costs.  After one year you never have costs anymore. Mother Nature has always been able to grow without irrigation. With the use of the Groasis Technology you can again use that power to grow sound and healthy products, without irrigation.

Cost indication

Replanting through agroforestry with the Groasis Technology will cost approximately 3,500 US$ per hectare. This estimation is including organization, labour, the Groasis Waterboxx and planting material. With the Groasis Technology you can plant 12 months per year. This year round planting is an important factor. It allows planting schemes on a very efficient way.

Good Return on Investment

You can use the Groasis Technology to plant orchards, plant productive forest, for ecosystem recovery or anywhere where planting without irrigation is impossible, or too expensive.  Upgrade the value of wasteland through our inexpensive money and water saving technology and create capital growth on a sustainable basis.





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